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This project is titled "Criminal law protection of the financial interests of the EU – Focusing on money laundering, tax fraud, corruption and on criminal compliance in the national legal systems with reference to cybercrime - HUUNIMISKOLCPFI 786253" and was funded through the ongoing Hercule III Progaramme set up by Regulation No 250/2014 of the European Commission with the supervision of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF). The aim of the project is to further the protection of the financial interest of the EU, to improve the awareness of the branches of involved legal professions and to foster sensitiveness through organizing international conferences and workshops and through disseminating the study based on the results of the research carried out throughout the project's period.

The main organizer of the project is the University of Miskolc Faculty of Law and there are many cooperation partners from six different member states (Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Romania) helping us out in the successful implementation of the planned activites. These partners include academics, legal practicioners and public officials from different fields, all participating on the various events. The project is implemented from January 2018 until the end of June 2019. A final report will be submitted at the end of the project period.

During this period, many events are to take place: a starting conference in Miskolc, two workshops in Vienna and Oradea and a closing Winter Academy in Budapest. These events are organized together with the Association of Hungarian Lawyers for the European Criminal Law, the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the University of Oradea and the National Office for the Judiciary respectively.

The main aim of the project is to pursue a complex, pracitce-oriented comparative research in the topic of the criminal law protection of the financial interests of the EU. The research focusing on the related general and special issues will be carried out and discussed during the events under the guidance of the University of Miskolc. The results will be disseminated during the closing Winter Academy and through legal education afterwards.

For a more detailed description please consult this short summary. If you have any questions feel free to contact us!